Install and use App Controller 2012 with SCVMM 2016


I use App controller 2012 since 4 years now. I’ve just installed a new Hyper-v Cluster at GSX. So this cluster run on Windows Server 2016 and on top of it I have System center Virtual Machine Manager 2016 (UR1). But I cannot install App Controller 2016 because it does not exist…Can I use the 2012 version? Not supported.

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So I’m going to explain to you how to install App Controler 2012 on SCVMM 2016. Here is our architecture :



GSXSQL2016 MS SQL Server 2016
GSXSC2016 SCVMM 2016
GSXSCAPP App Controler 2012
GSXHyperv05 HyperV 2016 node 1
GSXHyperv06 HyperV2016 node2

Step 1 – Prepare MS SQL

  • Pre-create SQL DB to be sure the collation was *_100* So I choose for me Latin_100_CS_AS. If you server SQL is already with a collation based on a  _100 unicode you can skip this step.
  • sql

Step 2 – Prepare App controller Server

  • Install SCVMM 2012 console (not the R2) and ONLY the console.
  • Install App Controller 2012. I’ve used a Certificate from our internal Certification Authority but you can use the self Sign certificate purpose in the installation.
  • open App Controller and use the login you set during the install. It works !!! ok…it’s normal…nothing special (do not try to connect to SCVMM 2016 server)
  • uninstall SCVMM 2012 console
  • reboot
  • Install SCVMM 2016 console.
  • Install Update Rollup 1 for SCMM Console 2016. At this step you should be able to open App Controller 2012 but you cannot connect to SCVMM server 2016.
  • Start App Controller 2012 setup and choose REPAIR.
  • Open App Controller 2012 URL, logon and add your SCVMM 2016 server.

Yes you can now use App Controller 2012 with SCVMM 2016 and your Hyper-v Cluster on windows Server 2016. If you update your SCVMM 2016 server (UR2 is out since few days) you will have to update the SCVMM 2016 console install on you App Controller Server too.

here is so good ressources to move from SCVMM 2012 to 2016 :

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