SharePoint Migration tool

Recently Microsoft has released a new SharePoint Migration Tool. It’s a very good news because usually when you plan to move SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint Online you have multiple options : you pay with sharegate or other solutions you play with powershell and Azure to create package and move your data (and you have some limitations in term of size and what can be move or not) At least Microsoft release a SharePoint Migration tool. Continue reading SharePoint Migration tool

Resources for Office 365 and Azure

Currently I’m working on Hyper-V, Azure and Office 365. I’ve begin to collect some useful resource and today I would like to share with you something. The list of resources for Office 365, Azure, the Microsoft Cloud and Operation Insight. The list has been found on a french site, so I’ve decide to publish this list but not with the french links but international ans US ones. Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure trial Pricing calculator Continue reading Resources for Office 365 and Azure

How to upgrade or install Exchange 2013 SP1

Exchange 2013 SP1 is available since few days (cf this news to see the news features). So now it is time to see how to install it. Even if the installation/upgrade is not complexe before you start to install Exchange 2013 SP1, you should do a backup (baremetal backup or a snapshoot of your VM). Most of time servers are multiroles but if you have mono roles (only CAS or Mailbox) you must update your Mailbox Continue reading How to upgrade or install Exchange 2013 SP1

What’s new in Microsoft Exchange 2013 Preview

The preview version has been release the 16th of July. There is many changes in this version. I think Microsoft continue to push his customer on the cloud. Small company should finish in the cloud and big ones in an hybrid configuration. In this Article I will present some big improvement of this new version and in next blog posts I will describe some of them. Let’s go! Exchange Administration Center (EAC) The new EAC Continue reading What’s new in Microsoft Exchange 2013 Preview

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2013 Preview Release

Microsoft has just release his new version of Sharepoint in preview realease. Sharepoint Foundation 2013 Preview Sharepoint Server 2013 Preview Sharepoint Designer 2013 Microsoft has release some documentation regarding those product. You can find them here