Remove SMTP Address in Microsoft Exchange


Just a post to explain how to remove an SMTP address on many users. Most of time when you need to add SMTP addresses ( to users you will use “email address policies“. Very easy and is very fast.

However if you decide to remove a SMTP address ( you will pass through the same feature for sure…so you will launch your “Email address policies” wizard, remove your address and choose to apply email policy immediately. Fail, your users still have the email in 🙁

Do you have to remove manually the bad SMTP address from all your mailboxes ? Do you have to generate 500 powershell commands in a script for your 500 users ? Of course not…but you could! I will work ! However we will choose another way 😉

To fix this I will show you a tools develop by CodePlex. It is free, light and easy to use. This tools is able to modify Active Directory attributes of a collection of users. This tool is ADMofify.Net


Good news, there is no installation to do. You have just to extract the Zip file in a folder. You don’t need to extract them on your Active Directory Server or Exchange server. So my advice is to use your workstation of course 😉

Remove SMTP address for my users

So in my case I have 3 sites (US, France and Switzerland). Each site is represent by a OU (Organizational Unit) )and in those OU, another OU named “Users”. So we will modify all users from the 3 differents sites in one step. Ready? Go !

Step 1: open ADModify.Net application with an account with enough rights to modify the Active Directory Objects

Step 2: select the first choice “Modify Attributes” (really?)


Step 3: select the Domain, then the Domain controller and click on the green arrow


Step 4: expand your domain tree and for each OU select it and click on “Add To List”. On the right you will see the users added.


Step 5: select all your users in the list or some of them and click “Next>>>” button

Step 6: go in tab “E-mail Addresses” and check “Remove E-mail Address:”. Then enter the SMTP address domain that you need to remove and click “Go!” button


That’s it, you’ve remove the Bad SMTP Address from all your users. Now you can use thsi tool to modify attributes on Active Directory from a list of users. For me this tool is a must have for all Administrators.


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