CU3 is release for Microsoft exchange 2013

source : The Exchange Team Blog

Microsoft has just release his last Cumulative Update before the SP1 for Exchange 2013. Some nice improvement in the Update. If you have an Exchange Organization with 2010 and 2013 you must update.

A good point to know before you update :
– Framework 4.5 is requested
– this CU will upgrade the Active Directory Schema
– Mailbox size increase when migrating from previous Exchange versions
– Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 clients may be unable to download the Offline Address Book   If the Offline Address Book (OAB) internal URL isn’t accessible from the Internet. So make the OAB internal URL accessible from the Internet.
– Installing Exchange 2013 in an existing Exchange organization may cause all clients to download the OAB. To prevent clients from downloading a new copy of the OAB when Exchange 2013 is installed, assign an OAB to every mailbox or to the mailbox database the mailboxes are located on. This must be done prior to Exchange 2013 being installed in the organization.
– Public folder permissions might be lost after public folder mailboxes are moved.  The original ACLs can be restored via a full synchronization event by running the following command:

Update-PublicFolderMailbox -InvokeSynchronizer <Public Folder Mailbox> -FullSync

– NTLM authentication fails for non-domain joined clients
– Requests to access Exchange 2010 mailboxes may not work when proxied through Exchange 2013 Client Access servers

If you want to know the lit of issues fix by the Cumulative Update check this link

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