Upgrade Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to 2013 SP1

A lot of people ask me question regarding the process to upgrade Microsoft Exchange server 2013 to 2013 SP1. There is nothing special to pass this update. Before we see how to begin this migration you need to know : The first step os to prepare your AciveDirectory and AD schema : setup.exe /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms setup.exe /PrepareAD /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms Then you upgrade your server throught the PowerShell or the GUI. if you decide to go with Continue reading Upgrade Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to 2013 SP1

Microsoft Surface Firmware Updates for February 2014

Surface logo

Microsoft release a new Firmware for Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro and Surface Pro (sorry for the original RT but no…). After a difficult january months wiht multiple update we hope this one will be the good one. So here is the releases notes all Microsoft Surface firmware : February 2014 updates for Surface Pro Windows 8.0 and 8.1 updates: Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware (v9.00.50) to resolve behavior where the Surface would reset when Continue reading Microsoft Surface Firmware Updates for February 2014

New Remote connectivity Analyzer

Hi, all of you know this tool to test your Exchange or Lync plateform from outside your company. So this tool has receive a huge improvement and a new URL : testconnectivity.microsoft.com This tools is a merge between the Exchange and Lync remote connectivity tool (since June 2011). This version was able to do the test on Office 365 too but this version include two new test : New Hybrid configuration Free/busy test for Office 365 Continue reading New Remote connectivity Analyzer

LinkedIn Out of control ?

Hi, just a post to show you something very strange. I was updating my skills on LinkedIn this morning and the site automaticly purpose to me some skills on the fly when I feed the field. So if you are a financial guy you have just to type “FIN” and the site purpose to you “financial analysis”, “finance” and others skills like as you can see below : So I decide to add ESX to Continue reading LinkedIn Out of control ?